Friday, October 26, 2007

Integrated Performance Assessment: Linking Individual Development to Industry Standards

Linking individual development to industry standards is not an easy task, but it is a task worth its weight in gold once an individual understands how to employ objective methods to the performance assessment process.

Learning to self-regulate your performance through personal and professional development requires making a conscious and deliberate effort to self reflect through serious introspection. Feedback may come through formal or informal methods. Self reflection is by nature a personal and innate process that each person does independently through his or her own introspection and perception. On the other hand, self reflection can also be educed through external perceptions. What others think and believe is an external method used to judge how well we measure up to known or unknown expectations. Both internal and external performance measures are subjective techniques we use to judge our knowledge, skills, and capabilities.

Competency standards can be used to develop tools that will enable accurate and objective self reflection. The ISD Performance Inventory is a measurement tool that instructional designers and developers, regardless of their skill level, expertise, and areas of focus can use to judge how well they measure up to competency standards. It is imperative that we learn to employ methods that will enable us to continuously make improvements as we grow, innovate and lead. The Integrated Performance Assessment: Linking Individual Development to Industry Standards presentation was presented at the 2007 International AECT Conference. If you missed the presentation you can preview it below.

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