Sunday, October 21, 2007

Calling all Instructional Technology Professionals!

Regardless of your entry into the field whether it was through formal or informal learning avenues or whether you are a student, K-12 teacher, higher education faculty, government, or business professional you can contribute to this research. Visit the research website to register to participate in the study!

The ISD Performance Inventory is a 443-item performance assessment instrument. A large sample from the population will help to validate the inventory for use in the field. Information about the research being conducted to develop and validate the ISD Performance Inventory is accessible at the research website (

Individuals interested in making a contribution to this research endeavor are encouraged to visit the website to register to participate and obtain the latest information about the research study. Participation in the research study is voluntary. However, those individuals who register and fully participate in the research study will:
  • Obtain access to free training of their choice at the conclusion of the research study.
  • Earn a chance to win one of three video iPods.
  • Contribute to the validation of a new tool for professional development
  • Be a part of an effort to enhance professional development in the field.
  • Obtain unlimited access and subscription to the online ISD Performance Inventory tool when it is released.

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